Getting there: Transportation lessons
This thematic unit will focus on transportation -- why and when it's necessary, existing and potential methods, systems involved, and the reasons for transportation decisions in different types/purposes of transport.  The "big picture" for this unit is really tied to an understanding of systems.  Transportation is a system involving movement of people and goods, working within other important systems of economy and habitation.

Essential Questions:
  • What types of things need to be transported?  Why?
  • How do the transportation needs of today compare to the past?  Are these needs being met in the same or different ways?
  • Will transportation of the future be different?  Why?
  • What scientific principles affect transportation the most?
  • What math operations and concepts are important in transportation?
  • How does geography affect transportation?
  • Which is more important: transportation machines or transportation systems?
  1. Transportation Today (Exploring Modern Transportation) [PDF]
  2. Where are we? (The Geography of Transportation) [PDF]
  3. Where have we been? (Transportation History) [PDF]
  4. The Art & Science of Getting There (Science, PE, and the Arts) [PDF]
  5. Where are we going? (Reflecting on the Past, Predicting the Future) [PDF]